Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Joel Was A Legend

Hold up! What would you do? Get on my feet and stop makin' tired excuses! 

YEAH! That's what I'm talkin' 'bout. (Points if you get the above quote without checking.) Here is day 15's effort. FYI, some of these poems obviously still need tweaked, so any suggestions anyone has would be most welcome!

Peace OUT.


We have arrived at a destination
that no one quite expected.
The bus comes to a smoky halt
and we are invited to disembark,
taking with us the scrunched up
crisp packets and the scent
of the travellers’ unrest.

The driver, a good man on the whole;
balding but hiding his vexation;
will not be joining us.
He must go with the bus,
like a faithful hound trailing his master
as his master practices dying.
Just you and I for exploration today then, dear.

What are we looking for?
Why did we come?
A goldcrest chirrups,
a plucky little kinglet bothering the branches.
You fear you have packed too much
for a day’s jaunt just out of town,
I can see it in your face.

Something about the way you awkwardly hold
the straps of your backpack like two kite strings
caught in a strong drag.
Pass out the sandwiches, dear, let’s relax.
No mayo for you though,
you’re avoiding white foods.
Tell me about your blood pressure,

I’m dying to hear; so are the woods,
from what I can tell.
They are quiet for this audience with you,
the river running at half-speed,
the eggs not yet hatched to interrupt
with their cries of instant hunger.
The floor is yours in this moment, dear.

Later, as darkness draws over us
like a child with a thick black marker,
we walk, hand in hand towards the bus stop
hating one another more and less than before.
The lights sprout up over the crest of the hill
like two irrational hairdos
and we are pricked back into existence.

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