Friday, 15 February 2013

Fossil Records

Hey gang! 

Welcome to day 3, which for most of you is almost over, though for some is just beginning. And that's the point I'd like to run with in my poem for the day...BEGINNING. Now I'm not really one for evolution; we all know the dinosaur bones were just an elaborate rouse hewn of plaster of Paris, and that lobster eyes hold the key to the secrets of intelligent design...SO here's my take on the early days of one of the creatures we share the Earth with. Can't be that far off, can it?

A Brief History of the Long-Toed Salamander

It started with a nubbin,
black and slovenly.
And then it rained.
In the water
there were little pockets
filled with dollar bills.

The nubbin went to Macy’s
and bought two pairs
of snazzy boots,
proclaiming them to be
the hot dammin’est boots
it ever did see.

It paraded through the sagebrush plains,
basking in the attentions of the sun.
“Hot damn,” said the sun.
“Ain’t you just a surprise.”
And with that,
the nubbin gained sneak skills.

In the winter
the nubbin stored food on its back;
tins of Spaghetti-O’s and pineapple slices.
So heavy were they
that the nubbin crawled to a cave
and collapse with exhaustion.

When it awoke,
the tins had melted
into a neat black tail
and the glistening spoon of a head
that perfectly matched
those darling bootees.

Nowadays the nubbin works in a meat factory.
Inflation makes prancing about in the sand
a difficult buck to hang onto.
At night it opens up a can of Budweiser,
puts on its boots
and shoots a gun at the television,

thinking about the desert,
wishing it would rain again.

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