Wednesday, 17 November 2010


...just a quick note to tell y'all of a small progression in the mystery one has found oneself embroiled in...

Yesterday I saw the castrato on the bus. I haven't seen him for an age as I've been off work dying of stomach terrors. WELL I hardly recognised him! He now sports a shaven head and...A MOUSTACHE. To me that indicates one thing: A criminal mastermind trying to disguise his guilt with a facial adornment.

Perhaps he read my last post. In which case he'll also read this. Well I'm onto you castrato; you won't get away with it forever. The world wants Mr Whitehairblackbeard back. SO GIVE HIM UP YOU CRAP BAG SANS BALLSES.

I hope you're still on the look out since the case obviously isn't closed yet. Stay safe, wieners :/

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