Thursday, 7 January 2010

It still won't sing

To be completely frank, right off the bat, songs that repeat the same line over and over again and again and again with exactly the same tone and backing music are just irritating. Why do it? GET A GRIP. Jeez.

Anyway, I'm currently sat at my trusty laptop with the very last chapter of my very first novel open in front of me and it would seem I'm a little bit stuck. This is such a terrifying precipice.
I'm very worried that the entire thing might just be one long string of letters slowly spelling out the word s h i t. Sigh. If I hadn't started work, it would be finished by now...but at the same time, if I hadn't started work I would probably have shrivelled up like a worm in the sun. What a tragic spectacle their little brown carcasses make.
To try and snap myself out of this nasty daze I seem to have slipped into, I've been caressing my poetry glands again of late. It's been so long since we were acquainted it's almost awkward to spend time together now. "It was too hot and too much had happened." (Ahhhhh!) However, I inhaled Miroslav Holub for an evening and feel a little more comfortable now. I don't want to lose this. Just another threatening quarry I suppose.
Perhaps a taster next time...not that anyone is reading this. How very romantic!

In other news, I'm learning German (again). So far I can wish you a happy new year and tell you that my daughter is engaged. So Gutes neues Jahr! Meine Tochter ist verlobt. *smile* I think I have rather a long way to go.

I feel like I should sprinkle in a little whisper of my blogs of old, but maybe my imagination is dead. Who knows. Plus, I haven't been kidnapped by any giant bourbon biscuits for quite some time now; my life just isn't that exciting anymore! SO GIVE ME A GODDAMN BREAK YOU LEECHES!

Okay, here's a little peal of pearl pour vous...
Let's stick to the programme;
you smell, I'm hungry.
We're all vindictive.

Signing off. Goodbison.

1 comment:

  1. The bourbon biscuit gang have moved their criminal activity more into the realm of blackmail and extortion now, I saw it on Panorama. Watch out for custard creams, they specialize in organ trafficking.

    But yes. Good blog.

    Very good.

    ... too good ...

    *alerts various biscuits*