Thursday, 2 June 2011

How're you feelin'?


Just enough time to write a quick blog while my anti-death drugs kick in and I can eat lunch. Know what I'm having for lunch? A death baguette. That way I know the pills are working :) Here's a photograph of one of the anti-death pills:

As you can see, it's pretty fearsome, what with its sassy slogan and multifaceted means of attack.

Anyway, while it's working its magic, I thought I'd shared some of the things I hate with you. Here goes!

1) People who call sex "nooky"
2) People who spell the word "nooky" N U K I
3) The name Pareece
4) Being too hot
5) The way The Simpsons is all like, "Hey, Family Guy stole our idea and now do it one hunderd times better than we do, so instead of backing down we're going to make a load of risqué jokes about race and sexuality that really don't fit with our tired old characters just to try and keep up with the Griffinses."
6) Olives

And that's about it for today. Sorry there weren't more pictures. Oh wait, here's one:

It is a hole puncher. For documents.

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